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Observations whilst swapping CPU cooler for aio.

Hi all, Just finished swapping CPU cooler ( be quiet dark rock advanced ) for an aio ( Nzxt kraken x62 ) plus a Hoover out and spring clean ( late) , made a few observations whilst doing this! To start the x62 from initial set up use has realy reduc...

Rob_W_ by Level 12
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Rog Swift PG348Q - Will my GPU Suffice

Hi guys, So I have decided to take a step away from my dual screen setup, I have weighed up the Pros and Cons and the Pros outweigh the cons I am running an Asus ROG GTX 980 TI Matrix Platinum and was wondering if this is going to have enough juice t...

Stylee by Level 7
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ASUS Strix Z270E Mobo + H440 Case fan hub (Help Needed)

So like listed above that's my Mobo + case atm, first build; learned a lot from hours of building... ****s no joke. But I have run into one problem, not really a problem, more like a confusing dilemma. I've been told that wiring the fans (which im us...

Jblase by Level 7
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SATA expansion options ?

I am puzzled, are there any updated solutions to expand SATA ports on Z170 and newer boards ?All old PCI-E card solutions seem to be limited to XP-Win8 at best. But what about Win10 support that is almost 2 years old now? And UEFI support?Need a rea...

Strix 980ti watercooled question

Hi,Anyone has experience with watercooling the strix 980 ti? This weekend ill will watercool this beast to tame its high tempetures. Anyways I googled and couldnt find any before and after tempetures. So anyone have some clue where i can find this da...

How many fan per header for Maximus IX

Hello AllI have read a bit about it and cant find a good answer.I have a Asus ROG Maximus IX formulaI have 8 corsair AF120 led fans4 for each side of my custom deskPC.Can I plug 4 together to 1 case fan header? and the for other 4 to an other case fa...

wawamr2 by Level 7
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Possible to upgrade G75VW to 32 GB RAM?

I have a G75VW running Win 7 Ult x64. It's pretty old, but I was wondering if it can be upgraded to 32 GB RAM, instead of the 16 it has now. I read somewhere online that this model can only have 16GB maximum for memory. Is that true? If it's not true...

Sereby by Level 7
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