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what GPU to choose???

Hi.I have a pc I built 2 months ago and I now want to install a graphics card.But I am totally green!I dont want to spend more than 300 usd and I want to play at 1080p.And I want to be able to play newish games at med-high settings.Not necessarily ul...

not enough fan-headers on motherboard???

Hi.I have an ALI cooler (pump+rad.fan) and two case fans.But I only have 1 cpu fan and 2 case fan headers.Can someone help me with where to connect which fan and where to connect the pump?!!Thanks in advance.

Computer done! Monitor advice?

Hellow guys! Just fininshed build 2 computers for me and for my wife// Thanks for asus for some amazing parts =DAny recommendation for a good monitor IPS from asus? Vivid colors..bright... like a normal HD TV or better? (Dont need to be 4k) Huggs!

Can't get my pump working!

mother board: asus hero IXcooler: corsair H80I v2i recently built my pc and got everything running, well at the beginning i disabled cpu fan speed so i dont get the error and the post, that made it. next when i downloaded all the drivers i noticed th...