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GPU issue!

Hello ROG,I have a problem with my new computer, i only get 3504MB of my graphic card but it is on 4 GB not only 3,5 GB. In the ROG Gaming Center is the usage up in the red light because then mean it only have 3,5 GB Memory. But with Speccy and GPU-Z...

My 1080Ti just died... :(

R.I.P. Asus GTX 1080 Ti OC Strix! Shows artifacts at stock clocks after the card gets above 68-70C and will usually hard lock or crash the game the any game after ~5-6 mins. Have to underclock it by -250Mhz to keep it from artifacting/crashing...

Storage upgrade help please

I run an Asus maximus VII ranger MB and I would like to speed up my system so I thought of buying a samsung evo 960 M.2 drive as the main bootable drive and another samsung evo SATA SSD for storage.*Now I understand the M.2 slot in my mobo wont allow...

Amr_R by Level 7
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Error CC, Asus Maximus VIII Hero Alpha + i7 7700K

I have a problem with my motherboard Asus maximus VIII Hero Alpha, happens that a few days ago I acquired an I7 7700K, and I passed several times an error, shows the code CC and does not appear in the manual, The pc only turns on but does not show vi...

TICONDA by Level 7
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Maximus Hero VIII: Error Code 00

Hey everyone,I'm fighting an Error 00 on a Hero VIII that ran well for around 11 to 12 months. Suddenly the other day the Computer was off in the morning while it normally resides in standby. Switching it on only led to short flickering of the Power ...

Helmi74 by Level 7
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Z170 Pro Gaming Aura Optane Compatibility

Hi Guys,I am looking to upgrade from 6700 to 7700k using my current mobo which is the Z170 Pro Gaming Aura. I know that the board is Kaby Lake compatible and has an M2 slot. I just want to make sure that the slot can house and run the Optane SSD. Can...