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ASUS 1080 Ti Strix OC Edition Issues, Advice?

So the other day my GPU started buzzing when under load. I isolated the buzzing to the GPU by stress testing individual components within my system. Click for video. 100% not the fans as I slowly ramped them up to 100% while the card was not under l...

advice in RAM memory for Asus X99

Hello partnersI have a concern and I hope you can help me, I am buying a G-Skill memory kit for my Asus X99. I have been researching and I am interested in the F4-3200C16Q-64GTZKW since they are optimized for X99, my question is.What do you think of ...

Which chipset / processor for gaming?

Hi,I am looking to build a new machine in the near future so looking for some advice on the chipset/processor to go for. It will be a water cooled gaming machine and budget will be around £1k. No monitor yet (not included in the £1k) so also open t...

dared by Level 7
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new ROG Strix build

So I took advantage of Newegg's Cyber Monday and bought a new Rogue Strix B350-F Gaming board and Ryzen 5 cpu. I held out on ram due to monetary reasons but am now looking at ram kits. Im selecting ram from the QVL list but my question is how well...

My Maximus 8 hero won't boot

I just put my pc together out side the case to make sure that it boot when I try and boot it I get q code 62 and the VGA Led is on. My build on a maximus 8 hero with a i5 7600k and one stick of 8gb Kingston hyperX 2133 I don't have a gpu plugged in. ...

Help - B350-F doesn't power on anymore D:

Hi all of the ROG forum i should came here 1st and for most and to assure no mistake go wrong... but just my luck...Sorry if i rammble overdue and i lot of brain analyzing i'm tired and mad not using what i paid for ok so Nov 10th got nice also Asus ...

M4TTEXE by Level 7
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HELP!! z270e xtric RGB It does not work

I recently bought a z270e strix motherboard and my surprise was that when turning on the PC the RGB of the motherboard did not work. I could not control those of the Fans that I connected to the card. I already update the BIOS and also the AURA and ...

CoolerMaster PRO 140 and AURA

HiI have this triple set of fans installed; it was told, they support AURA.So I connected one of them with the RGB2-Header on my Z270. I then would have expected that the fan ould now be visible in AURA software.Is this right or not? I then connected...

xxl1602 by Level 7
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