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Can this be a video card beginning to self destruct

I'm using an ASUS Rogue G750JW and now is just about 50 months old. Here's what I've noticed in the last week or so. In any Webpage, I notice only once in a while, a kind of "jumping up and down" and it does that very fast, almost a vibrating look to...

Power strip question.

Hi. I bought pc with 8700K and 1080 ti and Corsair 750i And my question is. Getting more expensive power strip is a must or that normal power strip will enough? I dont have power outages or something like that. Maybe 1-2 outages during year ,thats al...

Installing Win 7 on NVMe

Hello all, I hope I am in the right section, and not repeating other threads. Sorry if so. I looked first but didn't find.I am building on a Maximus IX Hero. Used I7 6700k chip because compatible with Win7. I installed (2) 1tb NVMe SSD's to run dual...

headie by Level 7
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Upgrade/new build dilemma

Upgrade/new build dilemma Ok, so my rig is smokin! ( not literally) i7 6700k running at 4.7ghz GTX 980ti Strix at 1550htz. And all at or below 60deg .So here’s the dilemma? New and upgraded components now on the market and GPUs like the Volta coming ...

Rob_W_ by Level 12
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Maxmius X Formula internal connectors confusion

Hey,I'm looking to pick up the formula and I'm just making sure everything will work together properly before I hit "buy", and I'm wondering mainly if all my internal usb things will "fit" so to say. I have an Aquaero 6XT fan controller that requires...

NE0XY by Level 9
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Memory issues on G750JZ-T4117H

Dear expertsI'm having memory issues on my son's laptop and would like some advice.Background - The machine stopped charging, and wouldn't work without a battery. I sent it in for repairs and they replaced the charging socket.On receiving it back, it...

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afzal_b by Level 7
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32-bit Sound Card

Hi all, just signed up. You can tell by the title that I was wondering if Asus will be producing a 32-bit sound card like Creative did with their AE-5? I am really upset at Creative as I bought the AE-5 and returned it, because no matter how I insta...

T1125P by Level 7
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Me and My GX700 SSD upgrade

Hiya GuysSo I finally upgraded from the Alienware M18R2 and bought a GX700. Pity it dont come with an 18 inch screen but Im sure I can live with that Anyway I want to upgrade the D drive as its too small at 300 gig. I want to put this into that slot....