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Phoebus Soundcard AURA / lightning control

Hi,I thought Phoebus would be AURA compatible, because I saw it in different YouTube vids with lightning effects. In the meantime I have to realize that Phoebus seems not to be supported by Aura? Is this true? How could it be possible to have lightni...

xxl1602 by Level 7
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Asus GL502VS DS71 HDD/upgrades

Hi All,New owner of GL502VS. It's been years since I last owned a laptop, I could use some help. 1. Is it okay to stay plugged in while gaming/using the laptop ex. at home/office for long duration? Will this damage or shorten the battery life?2. This...

Elj2k19 by Level 7
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Help with my P4B

Budget:$400 (max)Main uses of intended build:To try and speed up what has always been a disappointing computer.Parts required:SSD?New ethernet card?Magic?Previous build information:P4B/SWAIntel Pentium 4 2.6Ghz 512K 400 bus SL6PP Socket 478 CPU 3 gig...

Asus Aura Sync question

Hello all,I have a question about Asus Aura Sync and my Motherboard. I currently have the Asus Strix Z370-I (Mini ITX) and I see the board has only 1 Addressable RGB header. What options do I have to RGB-ify my build with that 1 header in mind? I cur...

labmonjo by Level 7
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New Build for I7-8700k

Hi all! Budget: SGD1.8k-SGD2k (can push till SGD2.2k)Main uses of intended build: Mainly 3d rendering (software: Houdini) and Video editing in Premier Pro, occasional gaming.Parts required: Just Base System. Parts that I have shortlisted;CPU Process...

Asus G752VS (i7-6820HK) fan and exhaust question...

Hello everyone,A bit of a noob question/inquiry... When my (i7-6820HK) cpu is pushed hard, the fan responds and I can hear it kicking up... but I am concerned that only the LEFT side of the rear exhaust port blows out hot air. (When I mean the LE...

DSH3D by Level 7
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Build Advice

Budget: 1500€ - 2000€Main uses of intended build: GamingParts required: Complete Tower (no sound card)Monitor resolution: 4KStorage requirements: 1TB half SSD half HDDWill you be overclocking: yes/no (delete as required) MaybeAny motherboard requirem...

G20CB-B21 Adding second storage device

Hello, I have the Asus ROG g20cb-b2, I7-6700 3.4ghz, Geforce GTX 1070, 16gb ram. I would like to keep the 1TB HDD and add a 2.5" SSD. What brand, model work best in this computer? What is the biggest size? I want to transfer the operating system to t...