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Z370-E Can't get the lights to work

LED's built into the motherboard do not work. I have updated and installed all drivers. LEDs are on in BIOS but Aura does not display motherboard as an option to control. I have seen another post that the issue was a loose cable. I believe this was t...

samamer by Level 7
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New Computer No Display

Hey All,Put my new beast together tonight but I have a problem, nothing is displaying on any of the screens. Everything inside the case lights up and the fans on the GFX Card start spinning when it turns on then stop shortly after and nothing will di...

Phoebus Soundcard AURA / lightning control

Hi,I thought Phoebus would be AURA compatible, because I saw it in different YouTube vids with lightning effects. In the meantime I have to realize that Phoebus seems not to be supported by Aura? Is this true? How could it be possible to have lightni...

xxl1602 by Level 7
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Asus GL502VS DS71 HDD/upgrades

Hi All,New owner of GL502VS. It's been years since I last owned a laptop, I could use some help. 1. Is it okay to stay plugged in while gaming/using the laptop ex. at home/office for long duration? Will this damage or shorten the battery life?2. This...

Elj2k19 by Level 7
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Help with my P4B

Budget:$400 (max)Main uses of intended build:To try and speed up what has always been a disappointing computer.Parts required:SSD?New ethernet card?Magic?Previous build information:P4B/SWAIntel Pentium 4 2.6Ghz 512K 400 bus SL6PP Socket 478 CPU 3 gig...

Asus Aura Sync question

Hello all,I have a question about Asus Aura Sync and my Motherboard. I currently have the Asus Strix Z370-I (Mini ITX) and I see the board has only 1 Addressable RGB header. What options do I have to RGB-ify my build with that 1 header in mind? I cur...

labmonjo by Level 7
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New Build for I7-8700k

Hi all! Budget: SGD1.8k-SGD2k (can push till SGD2.2k)Main uses of intended build: Mainly 3d rendering (software: Houdini) and Video editing in Premier Pro, occasional gaming.Parts required: Just Base System. Parts that I have shortlisted;CPU Process...

Asus G752VS (i7-6820HK) fan and exhaust question...

Hello everyone,A bit of a noob question/inquiry... When my (i7-6820HK) cpu is pushed hard, the fan responds and I can hear it kicking up... but I am concerned that only the LEFT side of the rear exhaust port blows out hot air. (When I mean the LE...

DSH3D by Level 7
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Build Advice

Budget: 1500€ - 2000€Main uses of intended build: GamingParts required: Complete Tower (no sound card)Monitor resolution: 4KStorage requirements: 1TB half SSD half HDDWill you be overclocking: yes/no (delete as required) MaybeAny motherboard requirem...