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Maximus IX Hero only working with one RAM stick

Hello.A friend of mine built my new PC config and said to me it only works with one stick of RAM.The mobo like the title says, is Maximus IX Hero. The RAM Is Kingston HyperX Predator HX433C16PB3K2/16.He's certain the stick is bad but first, I wanted ...

Why can't I find this for sale anywhere?

I really like the appearance of this Asus motherboard, but strangely I cannot find it listed anywhere on shopping sites like NewEgg or Amazon. Do you guys know why?Here's the link:*https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/ROG-STRIX-Z370-F-GAMING/Thank yo...

Storm and lights dimming - pc still on

Hello. I have an question. There was a storm in my country yesterday. Power was on . But there was random 1 second lights dimming in my house. Pc was still on, and laptop was still on. So why both computers was on and wont turns off when lights was d...

Asus Z170 Deluxe no post beep :(

My Asus Z170 Deluxe will no longer post beep. The motherboard was working no problem earlier & now all of the sudden the motherboard will not post beep Another issue I experience When I turn on computer my corsair h105 cooler the fans are spinning e...

Z270E - How to set Wlan to 5GHz?

Hello.I have a ROG STRIX Z270E Mainboard with on-Board Wlan [Qualcomm Atheros QCA61x4A] but it only connects with 2.4Ghz instead of prefered 5Ghz.How can i change this? ( The connection Point AVM FritzRepeater 1750E is 5Ghz ready )

atlanx by Level 7
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Asus rog matrix hd7970 fan problems

Hello to everyone,as another user tell on this topic:https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?88571-7970-Matrix-Platinum-Fan-Control-Only-1-works-GPUTweak-ProblemsI also have the same issue with my board,so only one fan spin with thermal regulation ...

Useful little bits & pieces, gadgets & gizmos

Some weird odds and ends, "DIY" parts, and neat tech which I've found interesting or sometimes useful in PC builds, media, and gaming.This ain't ROG. And it's rarely found at PC modding sites like FrozenCPU, modDIY, Xoxide, or Mnpctech. But it's so...

Korth by Level 14
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