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Mixed memory sizes in dual channel slots

I have a question about dual channel memory configuration and adding mixed modules.I have 8gb x 2 in A2 and B2 now.I want to add more memory and was wondering if, to allow flexibility in the future, if this was allowed...I think the manual is telling...

HeneryH by Level 7
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MotherBoard Asus RogStrix Z390-I No Working

Hello, I'm Juan from Spain, you solved the problem with your Asus RogStrix Z390-I. It happens to me exactly the same.I would buy another board to replace that one and take advantage of my I9-9900K but now they are with the new socket 1200 and the CPU...

MotherBoard Asus RogStrix Z390-I No Working

Hi all,I'm building my first computer and I'm pretty confused. I suspect my motherboard is dead, and I would like the help of some experts to confirm.I got a ROG STRIX Z390-I and the qleds aren't lighting up when I'm trying to boot it. I've stripped ...