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Formula X USB 2.0 Headers

So I have a Kraken installed that needs a USB 2.0 header. I just purchased a Corsair LL140 x2 (set) that appears to need a USB 2.0 header as well. Right now I connected the fans to the MoBo (each one needs a 4pin fan header), but the RGB are not turn...

M.2 to PCi not working in slot 2_2?

I'm trying to install a m.2 to PCI adaptor in the m.2 2_2 PCI slot but it's not being recognised. I'm using a powered crypto mining pci riser in the m.2. PCI slot. Are there any changes I need to make in the bios to get this to work? I brought the MB...

ROG MAXIMUS X FORMULA card will not boost

hi, on my new build 8700k, nvidia 1080ti,darkstar pro 16gb and super flower 1600 platinum, my gpu will not boost stuck at 1480mhz.i have tryed all the power options in windows, nvidia control panel,clean install off windows , drivers and all the p...

RGB fans compatible with Asus Aura?

I'm building a new PC and have an Asus motherboard. I'd like to control all my RGB lights from the Asus Aura software. However, I'm only aware of one fan model that works with Asus Aura and that is the Thermaltake Riing Plus fans. Is anyone aware of ...

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Thermal issue?

I am running a 6700k at 4.2ghz 1.20v adaptive.Idle CPU 25Coolant 28Stress Test RealBeanch 1 hourCPU 74cCoolant 40.1cStress Test Without Filters 1 HourCPU 71cCoolant 37.5cI am running a H100I GTX with 2x Akasa Piranha 1900RRPMThey are pushing air up t...

ASUS Q-Connect

I just assembled my new build and there were no Q-Connectors. I really only want the Front Panel Q-Connector but if it comes in a Kit, that's just fine too.I can't find the MPN in my nomenclature either.Can someone post the MPN and suggest a site I ...

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Asus Strix Z270G Gaming + Intel X550 not initializing

Hello,I've got a annoying problem with this MB. Sometimes when I power on the PC, it doesn't initialize the Intel NIC (no pre-boot bios screen from intel as well )I have to reboot a few times until the PC recognizes the card. Also tried switching t...