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Two Samsung 960 Pros

how do I configure bios if I'm using both NVMe slots. I'm using tow Samsung 960 Pros. Both of them show up in the bios but only one shows up in windows. I also have 2 more SATA HDs set up. They both show up in bios and windows also. I'm just missing...

d0 error code and pc turns on and off

Hi, I just finished assembling my (first) system, with the following components:MOBO - Asus prime X399-APSU - Seasonic Focus Platinum 750 WGPU - GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (First PCIe Slot)RAM - BALLISTIX BLS16G4D240FSB 16 GB (single stick, in second slot f...

Binbose by Level 7
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Help I have ff code

I have a crosshair v formula z board it is give me a ff code it will boot. It I can't get any video and not hearing a beeps i can smell a burning

ASUS ROG GL553VD (with no Display Port)

Hi everyone, does anyone know how to connect oculus rift to your laptop if there is no video output from your dedicated graphics card?) Or maybe there is any other possibility to make your HDMI port working from dedicated GPU instead of iGPU? ) OR an...

Dex777 by Level 7
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SMBus on PRIME Z370-A

HI there, I would like to communicate with an PCIe Express Card over the SMBus Interface. I'm using Linux and the i2c-dev utilities. The card is working in another mainboard without any problems. When I try to detect the card with the i2cdetect tool...

1070 troubles

Im after some help with my strix 1070 OC. It is constantly crashing, I have updated all my drivers, changed the TdrDelay and its still going south on me. I have lowered my OC and that works along with and more successfully going into the Nvidia contr...

*important* before you update your bios

Before updating or "flashing" your Basic Input Output System (BIOS) consider calling up ASUS directly first to verify with some cognitive ASUS representation. I recently learned that they, ASUS, have been having "ISSUES" on their web page which appa...

asus rampage vi extreme issues with LED SCREEN

hi guys I have a issues with screen displaying boot readout and temp readout on AIO shieldwhen I was installing the mono block cable got unplugged anyway I plugged it back in and nothing is showing upI tried at least 10 times and nothing motherboard ...

need help - crosshair hero 6 with 32 GB ram

hello,i need help from someone who can speak about his own experience (i can guess myself i want to upgrade my crosshair 6 system to 32 GB ram.my question is if someone here has the crosshair 6 hero running with 32 GB memory @ 3000 or 3200 MHz.stab...

Hackintosh build with a second wi-fi card?

I have a Maximus IX Code mobo, which has onboard wi-fi and Bluetooth. Everything works fine in Windows 10. On a separate SSD, I have installed Mac OS High Sierra, which works with a few glitches. My Asus onboard wi-fi, however, is not recognized. ...