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New build advice

I have been looking to do a new build and planning to use a lot of asus rog components. I haven't decided which cpu I am going to use yet. I have always built with AMD chips. I have had my eye on crosshair hero wi fi board for a Ryzen build . Wha...

Pearman by Level 7
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Mini ITX Fan Header Question

Hello, I'm a novice PC builder and my last (only) PC build was about 7-8 years ago. Right now, I am interested in building a mini-itx PC and had a question about mini-itx boards with multiple fans + a 280mm AIO cooler.The specific products I am inter...

Time To Upgrade - SATA SSD or NVME M.2?

Well I need to get a bigger drive, and at present I have a Samsung 840 Pro & 850 Pro.I've been doing a bit of reading online, and the benchmarks look impressive for the NVME M.2, but then I read real world usage, people aren't seeing a lot. Then ther...

SlackROG by Level 10
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Poseidon and AIO coolers

I recently purchased a 1080 TI Poseidon and am wondering if there are any AIO coolers that work with it? I've never dabbled into water-cooling, and AIO seem like a great introduction without getting into the high cost of custom loops. Or if anyone ha...

OGRyk by Level 7
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Computer not working properly? FPS lagging in 4k

So bare with me guys, I switched from back from an iMac to a PC for the first time in 10 years or more and this is all new to me. I will mark down what i bought and did in order. Maybe you can tell me where I went wrong or if my computer just cant ha...