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Suggested Battery for G752VL

Hi Guys,My battery only charges up to 50%, and a technician suggested there might be something wrong with my battery, so I need to replace it. (please correct me if I am wrong . I would appreciate any suggestions to fix this problem)I was wondering i...

Asus Rampage VI replacement

I am building a new computer tomorrow using a new Rampage VI replacement board and the same ssd Windows drive I used on my old Rampage VI board. What can I expect when I try to boot to Windows? Do I have to install a new Windows 10 on my old ssd? Pl...

BIOS hotkey after boot?

The Supermicro motherboards I use at work have a feature which allows the user to enter BIOS during runtime with a hotkey.Ctrl-Esc-F12 by default to prevent unintentional activations (although user can redefine to some other three-key combo), disable...

Korth by Level 14
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New build advice

I have been looking to do a new build and planning to use a lot of asus rog components. I haven't decided which cpu I am going to use yet. I have always built with AMD chips. I have had my eye on crosshair hero wi fi board for a Ryzen build . Wha...

Pearman by Level 7
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Mini ITX Fan Header Question

Hello, I'm a novice PC builder and my last (only) PC build was about 7-8 years ago. Right now, I am interested in building a mini-itx PC and had a question about mini-itx boards with multiple fans + a 280mm AIO cooler.The specific products I am inter...