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Can a sound card casue instant reboots

Hi everyone i recently got my hands on a used xonar d2x sound card, but ever since i installed i keep getting these reboots like someone pulled the plug, they never happen while playing, one happen right after startup most happpen while listeing to ...

Adding more AURA RGB headers

Hi,for my build with the ROG Zenith Extreme, 2 AURA RGB headers are not enough. Therefore I have decided to use the addressable RGB header as a means to control several of my RGB components: a future EKWB monoblock, GPU waterblock, reservoir (separat...

CX_gamer by Level 8
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Boot issues

Hi all, this is my first post on the forum. I'm loving reading everyone posts. Just a quick question to see if anyone has come across the same issue as me before.My problem is that my pc won't boot when two sticks of RAM are installed. The RAM is not...

Getting new Hard Drive

Im looking at getting a new hard drive. How ever I haven't opened my Asus G11 case up yet. I want to do the hard drive install when I open the case up.Currently I have a friend that is urging me to go with the Seagate Firecuda 2TB hard drive and wa...

Asus X370 Strix no VRM Temp-Sensor?

Hello,i have a X370 Strix and i dont know, if this Board has an VRM Temp Sensor. I used HWInfo64 in the most recent version, and i was getting in a Stress Test (Prime95 28.10 SMALL FFT) only about 64 degrees on the Temp Sensors (Temperature 3,4,5 and...

Unryzer by Level 7
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New Build No boot screen

Hello I have just built a new pc*MB Rog strix X370-F Cpu Ryzen 7Ram vengeance *16 gig 288 pin 3300Psu 650w evo Okay problem is when I connect to the onboard HDMI I’m getting no signal to the tv or bios screen I have checked the board it’s set up corr...

Asus ROG Rampage VI extreme M.2 Raid setup

Hi everyone,I built a new beast and it will be the first time using an M.2 configuration. I've run into some issues and hoping to obtain some assistance. The system specs are as follows;Asus ROG Rampage VI ExtremeIntel Core i9 7920x4x 8GB G.Skill Tri...

mosti by Level 7
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