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Please help, dont know where to go.... :(

Hi all,Word is you guys really know your stuff and I am completely lost here so I’m hoping someone can help me with this.***I was playing a game and all of a sudden everything ****s down. Monitor, speakers, PC, everything. Tried to reboot and nothi...

thunderbolt 3 expansion card

hi im new to all this overclocking and the inner workings of cp`s and just need some advise i have a ROG Strix Z270E Gaming MB and a i7700k 4.2 GhZ Cpu .i was wondering could i install a thunderbolt 3 expansion card to the MB

spooks by Level 7
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How is that possible?

Hello,Last night while I was playing my 2 screens turn off and my graphics card fan accelerated ( Asus strix 1080ti OC) Forced to do a reset.Then I was able to continue playing without any problems.This morning impossible to play, 2 black screen and ...

Is my board and cpu too old for 1070ti?

Hey everyone. couple of questions.This is my set up at the moment.ROG Maximus VII FormulaAsus 770 dcIIi7 4770k16gb Ripjaws ramsamsung 840 500g ssd x2 no raid.seasonic 1100 watt psu. 6 years old windows 7this rig is going on 4 years i think and it is...

Frycook by Level 7
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Boot Using M.2 SSD on 970 Pro Graming?

Hello All..I'm looking for a bit of information.. I've got a ASUS 970 Pro Gaming Aura motherboard.I'm thinking of purchasing the Samsung SM951 128 GB Solid State Drive M.2 drive to put my OS on to speed up performance. I've checked on ASUS's websit...

jimo2002 by Level 7
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G752VY 4K monitor on Thunderbolt USB-C

Hello everyone,I first time have connected a 4K 60hz monitor to my G752VY Thunderbolt USB-C port by using DisplayPort to USB-C Thunderbolt 3 4K 60hz supported cable.I am experiencing intermittent blackouts. While watching or not doing anything simply...

Two Samsung 960 Pros

how do I configure bios if I'm using both NVMe slots. I'm using tow Samsung 960 Pros. Both of them show up in the bios but only one shows up in windows. I also have 2 more SATA HDs set up. They both show up in bios and windows also. I'm just missing...

d0 error code and pc turns on and off

Hi, I just finished assembling my (first) system, with the following components:MOBO - Asus prime X399-APSU - Seasonic Focus Platinum 750 WGPU - GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (First PCIe Slot)RAM - BALLISTIX BLS16G4D240FSB 16 GB (single stick, in second slot f...

Binbose by Level 7
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Help I have ff code

I have a crosshair v formula z board it is give me a ff code it will boot. It I can't get any video and not hearing a beeps i can smell a burning