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Addressable vs Non-Addressable RGB Header

I see that on some of the newer boards (i.e. Prime X299-Deluxe) there is a different RGB header that can control individual LEDs on a strip.I tried to do some research to understand the differences in how the different types of headers work but am st...

Hardware failure - which one?

Hi EveryoneMy PC went down while running Deus Ex Mankind divided, and didn't turn on after that. I would like to know what went wrong so that I can act accordingly by buying a new component to replace the faulty one or activate warranty if possible.M...

ROG Aura Terminal how to get it?

So I would love to get this? I emailed Asus, they said its not a stand alone part. that its bundled with something, but did not say, might be with a laptop, but cant find what one?Anyone have one?How to get?'Thank you

sledgep by Level 7
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Connecting a 144hz monitor to Strix II

Hi,I recently purchased a Strix II and would like to connect my existing BenQ ZOWIE 24" LED XL2411 144hz monitor to it and retain the 144hz refresh rate. What connection type do I use? I tried DVI-D to mini displayport but it still only managed 60hz ...

Roarr by Level 7
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First Build Advice

Hello all,I am getting started on my first build and just wanted to run it by you guys to make sure I'm not massively bottlenecking myself or anything.CPU: Core i7-8700KRAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB 32GB MOBO: ASUS ROG MAXIMUS X CODEGFX: MSI Gaming X 10...

Vega fitment on Rampage IV Extreme

This AMD support thread suggests that a Vega card would not physically fit the Rampage IV Extreme board due to the subzero sense connector being too tall. Is that true; can extreem lenght graphics cards not be used on a Rampage IV Extreme ?https://co...

AzzKickr by Level 10
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I2S Output on Asus Maximus Hero IX?

Hello there,Im looking to plug in my external DAC/Headphone amp into my pc with the Asus maximus Hero IX.The external dac accepts I2S over HDMI. So my question is, will plugging an I2S HDMI cable into the motherboard work? Meaning sending the digital...

ASUS ROG Swift - Back Light Bleed

Hi All,I'm going to invest in a Asus ROG Swift pg279Q. My only concern is all the negative feedback with the backlight bleeding. Has this been sorted out by Asus on newer batches? Is their an alternative ASUS gaming monitor as good as the ROG swifts....