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ROG Maximus Xi Hero & 570x

Hi guys,I just bought a 570x and an Asus Maximus XI hero. Ive tried to install this board into this case multiple times and cannot get the standoffs on the case to align besides from forcing the IO ports, and even then it’s a off and doesn’t feel ri...

Boot from 2nd GPU

Hi there,I built an Unraid server using an AMD Ryzen 2600, AMD RX 580 GPU and a TUF B450M-PLUS motherboard. So far it's been pretty good but I often have issues with my GPU in VMs. I have a spare Nvidia GT 1030 (from another build) laying around. Cou...

PC Random Reboots No BSOD/Sometimes Won't Post

Hi there,I've been experiencing a very troublesome issue for almost a year now. I upgraded to the Ryzen platform with Windows 10 from an AM3 platform with Windows 7, and I've been encountering random reboots (sometimes it will POST, but most of the t...

New build advice and suggestions

I want to build a new PC for gaming and work and I am having a hard time deciding.It's also been a while since I've done this so I'm kinda out of the loop (or so it feels this way) when it comes to new hardware.I usually don't change my PC too often ...