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ROG MAXIMUS XI FORMULA with M2 make mouse lag at read

Got problem with mouse. It lags only on read. while starting games, copying files etc. Has latest bios for my ROG MAXIMUS XI FORMULA also drivers are all up to date.I have disabled power options for USB, disable Nvidia audio, Realteak as well. Fast b...

jnormen by Level 9
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Z390-I temperature issues

Hi,I've just built my new rig yesterday, and hit an issue. Hopefully I'm posting the question in a right place.Some basic info about my hardware:Mobo: ROG Z390-I Gaming CPU: i7-8700kRAM: 16GB G.SKILL Ripjaws 3200MhzCooler: Dark Rock 4 ProBios version...

Question about ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR monitor

Hello all!So I just picked this up over the past few days and I'm loving this monitor. But I noticed there were a few different settings and I'm wondering should I be changing any of them? I primarily play FPS/Open world games. For my Vid card I'm ru...

kasen23 by Level 7
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ROG STRIX 1080TI connector priority order?

Hi all,My primary display is a BenQ 120Hz monitor connected to the 1080Ti through the DVI-D port. I've recently bought a Samsung TV and connect it to the gpu through one of the HDMI ports. I keep the TV disabled in Nvidia Control Panel most of the ti...

Yoongbo by Level 7
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Maximus X Formula dead

This is a water cooled PC.When I try to start the PC nothing happens, as long as the 24-pin is connected to the MB. If the 24-pin is connected to a tester (8-pin still connected to the MB) everything works, including the lights on the MB (the PC obvi...

Sverre by Level 9
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Need help getting a system that boots into an OS!

I have a Crucial MX500 M.2 2280 250GB SATA III 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) CT250MX500SSD4 installed in the M2 slot under the heat shield. This contains my operating system. I also have a ASUS ROG Crosshair VII Hero (Wi-Fi) AMD Ryzen 2...

SSD upgrade

Hello, I have built a computer for the first time.Of course, the first thing I do is to fill the C-drive up to the rim, it is 0 MB left on it and I am getting quite annoyed. Do you have a recommendation for a new SSD drive to put into my desktop? The...

Unusual data connector (not SATA?)

JustinThyme wrote:2.5 SATA SSD gets you about 500MB/S sequential reads where something like the Samsung 970evo will net at least 3000MB/S. For budget minded the Samsung *860EVO 1TB is on special pretty much everywhere for $147 USD. 256GB is bare mini...