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Setting my case fans for GPU Temperature

Hi guys..Build I new PC recently. Got a ROG IX Code. Started out with 2 MSI 1080ti aero. But hated the temperature in them, so just changed them for 2 MSI 1080ti sea Hawk X. I replaced the fans with the corsair's 120hd that I had in my case. And put ...

New build mid-tower case suggestions?

Greetings everyone!So Im working on a new build and Im trying to find a good case to fit it all in. Ive been scouring the internet, reading articles, watching videos etc. I'd like to see some of your opinions based on what Im looking for. So here's t...

Back of Z390 maximus motherboard

Hello guys,*First time building a PC and what could be a stupid question.The reverse side of the mother board has a cool looking plate I have watched a you tube video of the same board and looked like this was removed so my question is do you have to...

Help with the ASUS Strix Z270F Gaming

Hey,So I just got a new m2 disc for my computer and installed windows, unfortunatly i've lost the CD with the drivers for the motherboard beforehand and transfered them to the new HD, the weird thing is I cant install them due to an error telling me ...

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ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero [WI-FI] and Asus Hyper Kit

Hello,I`ve changed may system from a Asus TUF 270 Mark1 to a ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero [WI-FI]. But I can`t use my Intel 750 SSD with Asus Hyper Kit on M2.1 or M2.2 Slot. Is this a compatibility problem with the Z390 chipset? Do I have an other possib...

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USB issues with z390 F gaming

Hello,at first, i'm sorry for my english. i hope i can explain my issue so that someone can help me.since i bought a new F gaming z390 motherboard i have a lot of trouble with USB.when i have 4-5 devices on the usb ports, there is a warning coming up...

z390 i Pro Wifi w/ Optane

Can someone clarifiy something for me, please?I'm planning a build w/ an M.2 boot drive (probably in the front slot), a HDD for mass storage (mostly pics), and the Optane chip in the rear M.2 slot. I'm trying to figure out if I can use an M.2 Optane ...

Lights when computer off/sleep

Hello all,I'm currently rocking a Z370-F gaming, Trident-Z RAMS and a Strix 1080 and a seasonic 620W Gold. From the beginning I've been struggling with the lights configuration. Whenever i turn the computer off, the motherboard lights are still on. O...