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Monitor for gaming

Hello folks. I’ve been building my gaming PC. Most of my PC parts are Asus so I would like to get an Asus gaming monitor. But the thing is there are so many options which are so confusing. So, can you guys recommend a good monitor for gaming? Thanks ...

Realtek Audio Driver v6.3.9600.2342 Install

Realtek Audio Driver Update v.6.3.9600.2342 fails to install on Asus Z690 Maximus Extreme. So Armory Crate said there was an update, it downloaded, said it installed and when rebooting and checking the driver in device manager, it still shows the pr...

ROG Zephyrus S Space Bar issue

Hello Everyone,I purchased a ROG GX701GX-XB78 Zephyrus S several months ago. Mostly used for gaming My keys all work although my spacebar doesn't have much movement to it, when i press it, there is not much response to the key physically but it respo...

Build shuts down instead of sleep

I've been going through this for literally months, and it is literally causing me to develop regularly scheduled headaches.When I manually go to set my PC to sleep, it shuts down the whole system. To make it worse, the power button doesn't turn it ba...

Question about ROG THOR 2 power supply and risk

Hello all,I am currently using a ROG THOR 1200W power supply with my RTX 4090 ROG STRIX.Like many, I use the cable that comes with the GPU.My questions :- Is there a risk with the old power supply for the distribution of the current??- Do ROG THOR 2 ...