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Chosing bettwen maximus 10 code and maximus 11 extreme

Hello everyone.I have a question for you about latest Maximus IX boards. Me myself is using Maximus X code and 8700k with it. My co-worker is building his system right now and also decided on 8700k. Both of us might upgrade our CPUs in the future whe...

Ajinta by Level 7
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R9390 artifacts

Hello,I have a Strix R9390-DC3OC-8GD5 with Asus Formula Z and AMD 9590, built 3-4 years ago but barely used, so very few hours on the video card. I am now getting artifacts on the screen (squares) and sometimes I get a black screen or it freezes and...

djrrog by Level 7
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Question about ram for my mobo.

I have a maximus XI hero (Wi-Fi) mobo. At the moment I have 16gb of ram, upgrading to 32gb. My question is the new ram I am getting is the same brand, corsair dominator platinum. Could I still use my old ram with the new ram, they are both 3000mhz bu...

2080ti strix

Picked one up today from Micro Center. Drove 4 hours to get it. Plugged it in ran fine for about hour. Pc reset and will never go back into windows unless in safe mode. As soon as drivers install locks up and just repeats cycle. Had to reinstall a 10...

Dual Laing DDC at 20,000 rpm

Hi All, I am using an Asus C6H and two Laing DDC pumps in series in an aquacomputer dual top. The pumps are connected to 12v and the sense wires are connected to Cpu and Cpu opt. Using AISuite III and in BIOS it reports ©21,000-23,000 rpm on ...

match69 by Level 7
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AI Suite 2 Warnings V Gene

Hi all,I am new to this forum, I have recently been getting Warnings from AI suite 2 such as:WARNING+12v 24.*** VWARNINGCPU -1.0 Degrees CentigradeWARNINGMotherboard -62.0 CentigradeAlso I was getting random system shutoffs where I had to turn the P...

Sixjac by Level 7
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Z390-e Samsung NVME 970 evo 500gb Compatible

Hi there,Is there any one who built a system with the Asus Rog Strix z390-e and the Samsung 970 evo 500GB?*Is there any compatibility issues with that build? Because in Asus QVL list that drive is not listed.*My other build with the same motherboard ...

Ryujin 360 add on

Hi all, getting ready to make my new build, and have a question. After more then 5 years of a lot of 24/7 running my big water cooling pump gave out, and after modding to adapt new pump, rad and resevoir I was up and running again, however due to a l...

Heebus by Level 7
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Build advice.

Hi, my Titan xp cards just died due to a water leak and i didn't put attention on the cards. Need a good 2080 ti card, do you guys know ROG-MATRIX-RTX2080TI-P11G-GAMING card, when it is available or where to buy or order? If not what is the best 2080...

79085 79086

In need of a small screw.

I have a Maximus XI Hero Wi-Fi, due to a poor quality of screwdriver, I somewhat rounded out the head of the screw that holds the M.2 heatsink in place. It was a bear to get loose. Does anyone know where I can get such a screw or the dimensions of ...

ae8ro_ by Level 7
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