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Case fan intermittent stopping

Hello,Roughly in October, 2018 I purchased a new Z370-a. I have encountered two instances over a period of roughly 4 months where one of my case fans (connected to the m.2 header) stops. My fan xpert4 tells me that the fan is still running at roughly...

Deoxy by Level 7
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THink about upgrading

Hi all I am currently still running a sandy bridge i5 2500K, I am thinking about upgrading to the new ryzen 7 2700x however to upgrade it will cost me about £800. At the moment I have overclocked my cpu @ 4.5GHz and I can play games at 60Fps on max s...

Aamar by Level 7
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GL12CP change motherboard

Hi,I have a GL12CP desktop pc and would like nvme ssd support. Can I only change motherboard with similar one or do I need something else too?What motherboard do you suggest me to get?Thanks.

alagia by Level 7
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ROG G752VS Fan Cleaning Advice

Hey all,So I've had the G752VS model for a year and a half now. No problems so far with cooling. Hot air is blowing from the back when gaming, and temperatures don't exceed 80 degrees (that's the hottest it's gotten, depending on the game). However, ...

x299 TUF Mark 1 RGB header question

I have a TUF Mark 1 with a 4-pin addressable header. From my understanding this is a 12v header. I was looking into adding a LED strip or two but they come in the 3-pin variety which is only 5v. What LED strip do I need to get to use with my board? I...

Prime Z370-A II not seeing upper M.2 port?

So I'm building a new system with 2 Adata SX8200 NVME PCI-E drives and was going to run them in Raid 0.Got the i9-9900k installed alonfg with 64gb of gskill ram, nzxt x62 cooler, etc...I can't seem to get the upper M.2 port to detect a drive at all.I...