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ASUS Z87M/G30AB wont recognize 8tb hdd

My ASUS Z87M/G30AB won't recognize the new 8tb drive I've added to my system.I started with adding it alongside my OS SSD. The drive did not show up. Then tested with known working cables. Then tested across mobo SATA ports. I tested the drive in an...

C5F Not booting, no posting. .. please help

Long story short, sold my old CHV system with Ram and CPU (FX8150) and Antec 620 Khuler to a guy, who is the employer of a friend, about 6 months ago.This friend decided to assemble the Bosses PC, and ran into issues with it booting. Flukingly, it bo...

Elgato usb 3 issue

Hi all,Ive got an elgato hd60s which i was using for streaming.My mobo is z370 Maximus hero x which i know definatly has usb 3 ports .When plugging it in the elgato programme says it needs ot be plugged into usb 3 to work , which it is. I have contac...

ASUS Z390 Gaming-E compatibilities

HI,since i've made a small mistake with my first build (nothing big tho), I want to make this one right and be sure to select the right parts for my build.So I was thinking of an Intel 9700k (or 9900k) combined with the Asus Z390 Gaming-E, and I want...

Possible Dead Motherboard

Hi guys,First post with you guys and I was hoping you may be able to confirm my suspicions and/or offer some advice.I have an ROG Crosshair VI Extreme motherboard. Until recently it was running with 32GB of 3200MHz RAM and a Ryzen 7 1700.One day I c...

neon555 by Level 7
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G750JZA. Ram?

Hey everyone. I've probably already read more than 100 threads in this forum about RAM, so I'm really sorry if this was already discussed but I honestly want to be sure about this (and need to).So I've got a Rog G750JZA since 2014 and now I would lik...

X399 Asus Zenith Apha error in description ?

It seems there is an inconsistency in the new MoBo description.on the main page:Full customization with a 1.3” LiveDash OLED and ASUS Aura Sync RGB lighting via two addressable headers and one RGB headerand then on the specification:1 x Aura Addressa...

macmus by Level 7
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