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Rosewill RGB fan hub

I have a x570-E with a Rosewill ATX Mid Tower Gaming PC Computer Case, the CULLINAN V500 RGB. It comes with a preinstalled rosewill fan hub and a switch on the front to control fan speeds. My conundrum is how can I connect to fan hub to the motherboa...

Q-Code LED function 31,32,33 and 36

I was getting these fluctuating numbers on my Q-Code LED and I was scratching my head thinking there was something wrong with the new rig I'm building but there wasn't at all. It turns out that in the UEFI under Advanced>Onboard Devices Configuration...

Q-CODE 16 on a new Maximus Z790 Hero

Hi, I build a new pc with the Maximus Z790 Hero, 2x64 Corsair DDR5 RAM (in the QVL List) , m.2 Samsung 990 Pro, a Corsair PSU AZ1600i with a i9 13900K.Every time I try to boot for instal the OS I have code 16 and I need to reset to restart. When I ca...

francos by Level 8
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Motherboard Name, labeling

Hi everyone!!I have some Issues with the new labeling (or naming) of the mainboards. I used the search function, because there was once a thread about the meaning of all this labels. But I cant find it, so I hope you guys can Help me sort it out.So I...

CAYAtion by Level 8
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ROG Strix Helios PCI-E 4.0 Riser Cable

Has anyone found a PCI-E 4.0 riser cable with mounting holes which align with the mounting holes in the PSU shroud for the Helios case? There are a few 90 degree 4.0 risers out there (since the ROG one hasn't been updated), but I'd prefer something ...

New 4080 Rog issue with Internet

Dear All,I've just installed the 4080 rtx ROG and I've been experiencing lost of connection and problem to access online gaming.someone can help me with this issue?it is now impossibile for me, for example, to access COD Warzone.Br,Claudio

ROG Maximus xi code CPU ERROR at boot

Hi everyone,I have a ROG Maximus xi code that has recently lost the ability to see its video card. I set bios to optimised defaults in an attempt to try and get the video card recognised.Now I get a "CPU Fan Error!" at every boot.The system has a coo...

cue340 by Level 7
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PG27AQN Custom Resolution

Was just curious if anyone from ASUS knows when the PG27AQN will be able to create custom resolutions at 360 hz via the NVIDIA control panel. Still seems like a strange missing feature that they SURELY just forgot to add. OR, if there is a logical ex...