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Failed builds

I recently have had some failed builds. I think putting the processor into the motherboard at an angle is the problem. Should I just drop in the i9 processor into the 2666 socket.

Questions for Strix X299-XE gaming board

I intend on buying this board soon and have a few questions:1) Will dual channel memory configuration work for a processor that says it supports quad channel memory?2) What is the onboard sound quality like from this motherboard, is it comparable to ...

may update ryugin x470 -F

if u run into any issues with the may update it realy doesnt like any usb disk drives attached of any kind so bare in mind if using the ryujin to disable its drive in device manager before starting the upgrade or it will fail

Cant See my M2 Drive

I just put in a ROG Extreme Alpha board and 2920 Ryzen. Install was painless except for the M2 drive Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB M.2 SATA Internal SSD (MZ-N6E1T0BW). I updated bios. I installed the DIMM 2 card that came with the motherboard. I even insta...

ROG Strix B360-G Build: It's been a while

Greetings!As the title states - It's been a while since my last computer build and the last time I participated on this forum. My first and only other build was a ROG Maximus V Gene, 10 years ago, so I'm kinda rusty but here goes using the template ...

Asus Z270H - BIOS loads to black screen

Hello all I have an issue with my Asus Z270H motherboard.When I boot into BIOS all I get is black screen.I took CMOS battery out to reset it and it loaded fine, I restarted the PC, tried again and got the black screen. Any idea what is going on?