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13900K + 4090 on 1000W PSU and 280 mm AIO

I know it sounds like a bad idea.I only do mild OC and if I push either the CPU or GPU it's not both at the same time. On paper I should be using 1200W and a 360 mm rad.But I argue, with great airflow and not pushing the 13900k over 253W, and not ove...

ROG STRIX Z790-F Q-LED blinking only at the booting

Hi!I've been with my new pc for a week. It's great, but i'm checking the time for starting the UEFI screen and booting the system is longer than I expected. Since the UEFI screen appears, then Windows 11 loads so fast (Nvme M2 SSD), but when I push t...

Jbegax by Level 7
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Strix Z390-E has lost Channel A for DRAM

I have recently acquired a Strix Z390-E Gaming based system that was built about 2 and half years ago. The system appeared to be working fine when I took delivery, but I decided to do a tear-down in order to address some questionable build issues an...

Andyh77 by Level 8
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