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ideas for new mobo/cpu

looking at doing another rig but been out of the tech loop for a while now,just wondering what board and cpu combo to base it round.had the M8E with i7 6700got a R6E with i9 7980XEwant next ??? with ??? ideas for next beast would be a welcome startin...

Rob_W_ by Level 12
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2.5GbE slower than my 1GbE port?

Hi, I have the Crosshair VIII Hero motherboard. How come when I do tests on sites like speedtest it shows that my 2.5GbE port gets only around 400Mbps download speed meanwhile my 1GbE port gets around 500Mbps download. Shouldn't the 2.5GbE port be th...

Reinstall Armoury Crate

My RGB memory (Corsair Vengeance) did not synchronise with my Motherboard, so I decided to reinstall both software. I followed the uninstall instructions on the ASUS website and then installed the nested application after extracting their download. M...

EHBEHB by Level 7
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Audio quality of Strix Z390-I Gaming mobo

Hello all. I just had a PC built and will be receiving it today but wanted to know how good audio quality is (primarily for gaming but occasional music).The build is in a small case so I couldn't get a sound card but I have a 5.1 Klipsch system. Will...

rank78 by Level 7
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Need help picking the right mobo

Hey everyone, i want to start gathering the parts i need to build a system of my own. But picking the right mobo is looking crazy right now. Been a long long time since i assembled a system of my own...like 19 years long. So i definitely need help.I ...

X470 (Prime) patch B Bios Update

Hello,Just updated to the new bios version:Version 5406 2019/11/2514.65 MBytesPRIME X470-PRO BIOS 5406Update AM4 combo PI patch BAnd got in a lot off trouble, storage devices reacted slow, LAN adapter didnt work, and my Creative AE-5 didnt wo...