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Upgrading/ modding my G73Sw

Hi there. I am new to the forums, I have built some PCs in my life but never upgraded a notebook before (except for the occasional RAM and/ or SSD/HDD upgrade).I have recently experienced some trouble with my G73Sw (but it STILL won't die - AWESOME!)...

Intel Wireless AC-9560 160MHz card is capping speed

Hello,I have tried searching the forums for information in relation to this issue and have not found any posts that match what I am looking for.I am currently running an ROG G703GX. The issue that I am seeing is that the wireless connections I make i...


I have Creative ZX and Logitech Z906. The columns are connected to the optical output of the sound card. The sound card software is checked "Dolby Digital Live". When the computer is not used for 20-30 minutes and then I want to play a game or play m...

expected fps

Hey, Nub here to the forum, helping my son build a low end gaming desktop. I'm re-using parts from a Linux box I built a couple years ago, figuring I could toss in a decent graphics card, maybe a monitor. I was expecting better results , but this ...

ramack by Level 7
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is this SLI worth a investment?

First my specs:CPU; i7-4790KGPU;GTX 1070MOBO;Maximus Hero viiRAM; DDR3 32GBSSD; EVO 840 250GBWith today's technical standards, is it still advisable to buy another gtx 1070 to run it via SLI?Or would you advise me to build a more recent RIG?If neithe...

baatun by Level 7
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Graphic Card Advice & Conversation

Hi Asus communities, its been awhile I own a desktop as per mention Here in the introduction thread.I decided to open a thread. Getting a GPU since that is the only component im missing out. Been watching and reading about GPU for awhile.Currently us...

No HDMI signal through GPU plugged into Z390-E

So for Christmas I bought a bunch of new hardware to upgrade my gaming PC, which included the Z390-E motherboard. The computer is running great except for one small headache... If I turn the computer off and then on again, I'm not guaranteed to get a...