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Speed differences between desktop system and new laptop

Hello guys,before I start with my explanations I want say; I'm not the specialist! I have configured 1 1/2 years ago a desktop system with Intel 8700k on ROG-STRIX-Z370-F-GAMING Board, Memory 32 GB, SSD 960 Pro (M.2), ASUS GTX 1080 Graphic Card etc...

Oilinga by Level 7
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Motherboard Temperature

Hey all,I have a Asus ROG Hero IX motherboard and I use Corsair Link (updated), to monitor all my temps. On Corsair Link, Temp #5 for the motherboard section stays at 0 then spikes to 127 for a half second then back to zero. I does not repeatably do ...

Arczhron by Level 7
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Is there a rog board... (mixing memory)

Hi Guys.I have the folowing hardware, but since i built it about a month or so ago. I get nothing but freezes or black screen and sometimes switch offs. Phanteks Enthoo Pro Full Tower Gaming Case - Black USB 3.0ASUS ROG STRIX X470-F Gaming Motherboar...

bimbo by Level 7
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AMD Ryzen Master CPU software

My new build is completed and running great. My CPU is is the AMD 3950x. The question I have is should I install AMD's Ryzen Master CPU software, will it create problems when I get into OCing for games? Banging heads with Asus software? Do I have to ...

rsweeko by Level 9
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Improving computer

Hello, my computer is 18 months old and I'm very satisfied with it, still, I'm curious if it's possible to place a 9e generation processor in my computer?Probably the structure of the entire computer has to be rebuilt with new components? :confused:R...

James48 by Level 7
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So, slow but surely my new build is up and running beautifully. Just a few SSD storage additions to make and download games, games and more games. I am new to windows 10 and all this new, awesome technology. I have sadly dumped windows 7 for 10 and...

rsweeko by Level 9
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New Crosshair VIII Hero build ssd question....

Hi. My last build was in 2012 using your Maximus V Extreme mobo. I am retired now and decided to upgrade to a new build. Please see specs. The old windows 7 build had 4 SSD's and one HD that I put in this new build. Plugged both power and SATA cables...

rsweeko by Level 9
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a 3d card update to a allrdy new PC.....

ive got a i7 9700k 3.6ghz (4.9ghz boosted) / 16gb ram.....i really need ta know how high of a graphics card i should upgrade to OR give me which stats ta look for while looking for a 3d card.....i dont know if ya could over do memory clock or 6gb GP...

tWytCh by Level 7
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Opinions & suggestions on new Z390 RGB build

So my build from 7 years ago decided to take a dump (H80 AIO started to leak) and I have started buying items for a new build. I mainly game FPS at 1440 and I have decided on a micro ATX build with some RGB touches this time around. I have already pu...

StEvO by Level 7
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