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Motherboard won't detect known good SSDs

Graphics: Gigabyte GTX 1080 Motherboard: ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero X570 ATX CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900xHD: SanDisk SSD Plus (New, for OS) and Ultra II ("old", for extra storage)After a series of other issues (to include a failed SSD), I finally got to ...

B350-F to B450-F upgrade advice

Due to ongoing audio issues, Asus is going to do an RMA. As there are no B350-F readily available I will be upgraded to a refurbished B450-F. The main advantage of this situation that I see is this will afford me 2x M.2 slots as opposed to one. Th...

ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero Z390 Slow boot from M.2

Since building my PC Windows has always stuck on the spinning circles screen for around 20-30 seconds which is too long for a M.2 I think, the whole boot process into Windows takes around 60 seconds. I have done a full fresh reinstall of Windows 10 b...

Gtx 1650 super

Hello, I was wondering if all gtx 1650 supers fit in the G20cb desktop and will it need an extra 180w powersupply. Searched the forum and could not find anything on the subject. Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks

cloning M.2 to m.2 on a Z390-E Strix

Hi,I have a 500G m.2 EVO as drive C & just bought a 1T m.2 Evo. I want to clone my now C drive to the 1T drive using Acronis.As I understand it, the 2nd M.2 slot is treated as a pcie, not a SATA. I want to do the cloning and then switch drives so the...

Raid 1

I have a X299 deluxe motherboard first edition.I want to make a Raid on it but the info from manual are confusing.I do not want to boot from the raid.I just want to keep it for data.I have two 6 Terabytes red western digital and i want to make a Rai...

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