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Asus rog strix flare gaming keyboard

Hello guysI need an USB extension cable for my keyboard. Keyboard uses 2 USB connections.I need 10 m cable. Ive done some quick research. i didnt find much.I didnt find any ROG cable for keyborad. I looked up some forums.I could get 2 separated cabl...

Nouhell by Level 7
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Need help with RGB on a 1080Ti

HelloI bought a discounted Asus ROG 1080Ti with RGB a while ago. The reason why it was discounted was, that the RGB was only showing yellow and green colors, doesn't matter what color you picked. The RGB controller is burned imo. I haven't opened it ...

noxie by Level 7
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Maximus XI Extreme NVMe Questions

I am about to build a 9900K system with RTX 2080 Ti and 2 x 970 PRO 1TB and 2 x 970 EVO 2TB.I want Windows 10 on one 970 PRO, and Flight Sim on 2nd 970 PRO.I have been told I should put the 2 x 970 PRO 1TB into DImm 2 and 2 x 970 EVO 2TB into on bo...

ianmit by Level 7
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What do you think?

Hello everyone!So I'm building myself a pretty decent PC for gaming/editing and would like some advice regarding the specs I chose, if that's not a problem.I'm going with Intel build just because I don't want to wait for stable BIOS for AMD...System:...

Asus P5BP-E/4L + Asus 980 GTX not compatible??

Hi allI'm trying to build a Frankenstein for my son to learn about computers and play some games.I'm using an old server motherboard I have plus graphics card but the computer refuses to boot up as soon as I try to use the graphics card.Motherboard: ...

Please help me with the Asus rog strix z270e

I have had the i7700k for 2 years now so I have this motherboard. I have been having issues with the built in wifi card for awhile now so I bought over 8 wifi cards. For some damn reason, the wifi card is being "bottlenecked" in the PCIe slot on this...

Gaming Display XG32VQR, XG35VQ or others?

Hi All,After finally completing my PC build, I now need to buy a new screen within a couple of months to give it justice and replace the current old samsung PX2370 (hoping in some black friday/tech monday discount).I am not an expert in this field, ...