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Is my ROG STRIX Z390-I dead on arival?

Hi all,I'm building my first computer and I'm pretty confused. I suspect my motherboard is dead, and I would like the help of some experts to confirm.I got a ROG STRIX Z390-I and the qleds aren't lighting up when I'm trying to boot it. I've strippe...

CPU_OPT header Motherboard Detection

Today I just added a fan to the CPU_OPT header. When I checked the monitoring section of the BIOS it doesn't detect the fan and says "NA", but the fan is on and working. Same goes for AI Suite 3. However if I change the fan speed of just the CPU Fan ...

ASUS ROG MAXIMUS X Hero extra M2 heatsink

I've got the following motherboard.I see that the https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/ROG-MAXIMUS-X-HERO-WI-FI-AC/ comes with M.2 Heatsink for M2_1 but a fan holder for M_2What's the best solution for the second slot? Can you source another ASUS ROG H...

Need advise on New Asus Rog build

Hi,My last Rog build (2014 custom water build)... well... the mobo died. I have a few good computer parts left which I can reuse. But, I need to upgrade.Here's the list and if there is a suggestion on a product, please give it.1. Asus Rog x570 Cro...

D.O.C.P Question

I have a new Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (WI-FI) with the latest BIOS and I am running memory from the QVL list.The memory is 3600C16.I got the system running stable so I wanted to run the memory at the correct speed of 3600 C16.I can confirm the ...

shogun94 by Level 7
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Rampage VI Extreme Omega - Memory

Building a Rampage VI Extreme Omega System. I'm going with the Intel core i9-10940X processor and I'm having trouble find memory. Asus has a QVL for the memory but when I go to a vender to get a part number then go to the list it's not there. When I ...

Joe45 by Level 7
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CPU vs. GPU Max Resolution

My CPU specifications says it supports a max resolution of 4096x2304.My graphics card specifications says it supports a max resolution of 7680x4320.Will the graphics card still support 7680x4320 even though the CPU only support 4096x2304?

Mother board aura control

My strix z370-e motherboard stopped lighting the LEDs on board while computer is on but they work while computer is asleep.i know how to turn them off/on while asleep in bios but cannot get them to work while computer Mothet on I tried deleting aura ...