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Question on X570 and PCIe 4.0

I am building an X570 that has PCIe 4.0 I am installing a 2070 super which is 3.0. I am also adding a PCIe 4.0 riserwill I still be able use the M.2 as a PCIe 4.0 if I have a 3.0 graphics card. Or does the bios force me to commit to 3.0 because of th...

Zenith II Extreme + 3x GPU

Hello, I've read all the posts here about this issue. Some have been resolved. I tried everything that was recommended for 3 GPUs to work. (4G On, PCI 2 gen., Turn off everything) Unfortunately, this problem still persists for me and I'm sorry that n...

Asus ROG Strix X570-F Sleep/Wake Issues

I have recently built a pc using an Asus ROG Strix X570-F Gaming motherboard. When waking the computer from sleep, it does not always resume Windows. Instead it pauses and then restarts, often thaking longer to boot than usually. This behavior can be...

gingef by Level 7
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Regularly asked Questions about Fan Xpert

I was finally able to get Ai SUITE installed with all the plug-ins. My D5 pump is supposed to be controlled via pwm header. it is not but should I even worry about that? Also, the Tower 900 comes with 2 identical fans pre-installed. The top front fan...

looking to upgrade my 10 year old PC

Hi all I am currently running a Sandybridge i5 2500k with 1600mhz RAM on a asus maximus IV extreme Z mobo, it has a RTX 2080 and Im hoping to upgrade to fully utilise this GPU. I just want everyone's opinion on what upgrades I should make. I was look...

Aamar by Level 7
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Instalation process

I'm a noob at this, I never did a gpu change by my self so I prefer to ask what to do first.1st- I have to uninstall gpu tweek first, install the new gpu and then install again gpu tweek to recognize the new gpu parameters? (I have a strix Gtx 980 wi...