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Bent Pins!

Hi all,Old news, old topic.. I'm nearing the process assembling my second Rampage Extreme IV Black Edition. I'm going to ask here if there are spceific prcedures I would need to follow when installing the CPU to avoid bending pins. I have bent a few ...

pbxcomm by Level 9
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Rampage VI : Compatible case .

Hey everyone,I am looking for a new case for this particular board.I would like a case that has at keast 5x 3.5" HDD drives and at least 1x 5.25" for my blu ray drive.I was also hoping to use a push pull configuration with my H115i but it seems that ...

Paste Vs Liquid Metal Vs Thermal Pad

Hello all, I need a few opinions for my current build. Right now I'm using a 3950x on a x570-i Motherboard and it runs a bit hot in the Gamerstorm Tristellar Case. (yay, looks)However because of the way the case sits the board is at a 30 degree tilt ...

Veovis by Level 10
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X299 Edition 30: NVMe M.2 SSD Setup Issues > HELP!

I now have my new X299 Edition 30 based system booting from M.2 SSD in RAID0. Why am I having serious problems adding 3 additional NVMe SSD (in the X299 ED 30 MOBO-based M.2 sockets?I choose to use a HighPoint SSD7103 Bootable SSD RAID0 PCIEX module....

Maximus XII APEX

Any news when we can expect Asus Z490 boards to be released, rumor is not till May 2020,.. I would love to preorder the Maximus XII APEX board, or buy on day of release. Looking at the socket schematic,.. seems will probably be able to run older cool...

Braegnok by Level 14
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G75vw gpu upgrade

I have read q out and seen many upgrades completed so Well i waitied long enough, after reading Every article that the entire WWW has I bought a gtx860m for my Asus ROG G75VW! if anyone out there has any interest in aiding me I would be willing to of...

Which RAM should I opt for ?

Hi,I am thinking of putting an extra 32Gb of RAM into my system to make 64GB.My system currently has 32Gb of RAM in 2x16Gb modules which are Corsair Vengenance RGB Pro modules with the individual part numbers of CMWX16GC3200C16W4.Motherboard is ROG S...

SnowyUK by Level 7
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ASUS ROG STRIX Z490-I + LSI Megaraid 9271-8i

I have a LSI MegaRAID 9271-8i card which I have set up a virtual drive in RAID6 used as my secondary drive as a file server at home.Unfortunately my old rig running Windows Server 2012 Essentials gave up on me. I tried updating to Windows 10 but my o...

olo86 by Level 7
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First Boot Black Screen Issues? READ THIS!

I wanted to share the experience I had with a new build that might save some people some time and aggravation.This is purely intended to be helpful for others as there's not much posted out there! There's 2 issues/configurations identified in this th...

speedrcr by Level 7
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