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Asus PG278Q power supply issue

Hi, I have a pg278Q 1440p 144hz monitor, one of the old ones, and Im having the power supply issues that a lot of people talk about, where the power cuts, and the monitor doesn't turn on automatically when the PC does, forcing me to repeatedly plug ...


Problem: How to get my VROC RAID 0 working.Situation: I try to initialise a VROC RAID 0. With CSM disabled, I set each of the three SSDs to Hyper M.2 x16 (VROC), then save and exit BIOS. The PC fails to boot (fails to POST) and I have to reset BIO...

Understanding Intel I5 and I7 processors

I am in need of a new laptop and trying to decide if I want an I5 or I7 processor. If my memory serves me, I remember the I5 being 2 cores and more useful to someone that doesn't have high end applications that use multiple cores and the I7 was a qu...

TeaMan by Level 7
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stick with 970 sli or time to update

Hello all,My Question is ..Is it time to get rid of my two 970sli and go with a single card. For gaming. I Play games like Ark, 7 days to die.here are my specs, will it help with heat and performance.Suggestions please.Thank you all, Paul Operating S...

paulpeg by Level 7
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Strix Z490 E How to control Masterliquid ML360R RGB

Hello all!!This is my first build so Im all new at this.Thanks to this forum I bought the correct parts for my build, now I'm slowly doing that.... But I'm 100% theory (very poor) 0% practice..I have search a bit and I have not found anything that co...

RoloF by Level 8
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Help with Maximus XII Hero and M2

Hey guysSo, I thought, well I am in this deep, may as well drown lolI've brought a Sabrent 1TB Rocket Nvme PCIe 4.0 M.2 2280 to go in to the new Maximus XII Hero WiFi and to be honest, I havent a clue what slot to put it in This is a new technology t...

Zenith II Extreme Alpha - Dimm.2 Module issue

So I recently finished building my pc and I notice issue relating to Dimm.2. I installed two nvme on Dimm.2 module. Time to time when windows booted. Either both are not accessible or one of them is not accessible. Both appear in the windows explore...

Does Maximus Hero VIII support 2x32GB memory?

I'll upgrade my system at the beginning of next year but thought of maybe already get the RAM if it's compatible with my board.The manual says the board supports up to 64GB of RAM and then goes on it supports 8GB modules. There is already a contradic...

Ryujin 240 Killed My 10900k

The fans on this useless cooler were off when I was running a game. I didn't realize this until I touched my case to feel that it was quite hot. Before I was able to exit the game, the system shutdown. Now it no longer boots. The CPU was tested on a ...

Snaptrap by Level 10
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