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ROG MaximusXI Hero M2 issues

I have had issues with this motherboard since December 2019. I installed 2 Samsung 970 Pro and 970 EVO M2 SSD's. When I put this together I put the 970Pro in the M2-1 slot and had nothing but issues, so i installed in the m2-2 slot and worked ok. I r...

Desktop replacement 17 inches

HiI am looking for a desktop replacement 17 inches (with Full HD or 4k webcam), sold in Italy, with a 10th generation Intel processor, 16GB RAM, graphics card with at least 4GB of dedicated memory, 512-1024GB SSD disk, multi-format card reader, biome...

Rampage Extreme BLCK Edition

Hi all,Curious if anyone has had success with the WIFI Module and remote for the Rampage Extreme IV BLCK Edition. I have what I thought were the correct drivers, however I haven't a clue on getting the WIFI Module and the remote to work.Any help grea...

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ROG SLI HB Bridge - Need Help

I'm looking for the a ROG-SLI-HB-BRIDGE 3 Slot, specifically this one. https://rog.asus.com/graphics-cards/accessories/rog-sli-hb-bridge-modelI currently have the 4-Slot version, but have upgraded my Motherboard and now need the 3-Slot. I would als...

Maximus IX Hero and NVME M.2 question

I have the motherboard as stated in the title, it has two NVME M.2 slots, one A the other one BMy NVME drive is in slot B, but want to know if there are any performance benefits to putting my NVME m.2 drive into slot A, which is nearer to the CPUAt t...

G 75VW yellow screen please advise

After a 2 foot or less fall,while powered off and in my laptop bag,my G75VW has an annoying yellow tinge,appears on lower right side of windows 7 boot screen,and when booted it is painfully apparent mostly on whitesBut when i apply a slight squeeze ...