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ROG Strix Z270G and M.2_2 setting to PCIe x2 vs x4

I recently installed an additional M.2 drive into the second slot of a STRIX Z270GOnce I powered on, I was helpfully informed that:An M.2 PCIE device has been detected in the M.2_2 socket.PCIe bandwidth on the M.2_2 socket can bet set to X2 or X4,def...

TimRex by Level 7
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Thunderbolt Header Z490

Hello, I'm interested in purchasing the Maximus XII, and I've noticed that the Thunderbolt header has a 14-1 connection. I own a Z370A Prime, and it the header only has 5 pins. Will my ThunderboltEX 3 AIC be compatible with the Z490? Is there an adap...

2 quick questions

I just have a couple more quick questions. The MB is a Asus Hero 8 wifi 570, CPU is Ryzen 9 3900.1) When I was running memtest on my PC, the memory speed of the RAM is reporting faster speeds than the L3 Cache in the CPU. If this were true that the...

ASUS Vega 64 STRIX Crashing

Hey All, I have Vega 64 Asus Strix (ROG-STRIX-RXVEGA64-O8G-GAMING) and I'm struggling with unstabilized, after 1-2 hours of gaming the computer collapse (shut down) and reboot immediately I can't really get solved this issue no matter what I tried. m...

ROG Maximus X Drivers

I am using the USB-C 3.1 port on the front of my case from the MB (asus maximus X formula) for my Oculus quest, however the Oculus Software is saying the port is a 2.0 port not a 3.1. I cannot find any drivers and I am not sure how to get the port ...

asus 2070 turbo GPU wont work with waterblock on??

Hi I have asus 2070 super model TURBO-RTX2070S-8G-EVO it works fine in my system with default air cooler, but I have watercooling set up, and as soon as I put the waterblock on which is corsair hydro x7rgb the computer refuses to post and I get white...

Kda835 by Level 7
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16TB, did I make a mistake?

Howdy mates,I would really, really appreciate if you could clarify a few things for me about 16tb harddrives.Since I have a bazillion old harddrives stuffed with old filmprojects which is a horror to search through I dreamt about a large harddrive th...

ASUS-FX753VE - Good budget/cheap gaming laptop?

Hello ROG folks! I am searching for a gaming/study laptop, so more or less a budget/cheap gaming laptop. - 1100€ (EUR) is my current budget.I am currently checking out this laptop I found on sale, I know it isn't ROG, but I hoped some of you may have...