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Strix z490-E issue with M.2 drive.

Hi,I have a Samsung 970 evo plus that is running at half speed, around 1700/1700. Samsung magician and other software are showing it is running at PCIe x 2 instead of 4. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.My motherboard is an asus rog stri...

capiri by Level 7
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RAM or MoBo issue with new build

Greetings,I have been reading through posts and have found similar issues but no exact matches. It is most similar to the recent “brand new system, can’t boot” thread started by tattooedpariah on 05/07/2020. If you know of a previous post that more s...

Motherboard Recommendations

Hello all,Question..I have (or had) a Rampage Extreme IV Black Edition. I am looking to purchase an obvious replacement.Preferably a socket 2011 as the Rampage, I would rather use the CPU's I have from that board and the RAM as well. I searched the A...

pbxcomm by Level 9
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Asus Rog CH8 Formula build ... advice needed

Hi,It's been a while since I built a new system. It's been about 5 years. Here's my setup and I need advice on the bios and settings before I go on.Mobo: Asus CH8 FormulaCPU: x3900 w/ factory Wraith Prism aircoolerRam: 64 Gb DDR4 3600 Trident Z NeoGP...

USB Help on the Crosshair Hero VII

Question for people more knowledgeable than me: I have a Crosshair VII Hero Motherboard with roughly 5 things plugged directly into it. Then my KB plugged into the monitor (monitor plugged into MOBO) then a powered USB Hub plugged to an extension to ...

Sedare by Level 8
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ROG Zenith Extreme II Alpha CPU Chipset Drivers

I recently built a new machine. I have an Threadripper 3990x installed. All works fine but I was checking out all the installed drivers for the main components in the Device Manager. For the CPU, it says the driver is a Microsoft driver from 2009....

Need help with Fan Headers !!!

Hi all curently i am in the final stage of collecting parts for my NEW build and i have come to realise i need to power up about 11 fans incuding ofc the water coolers fans i would like your help once again .case : Lian Li Dynamic 011 XL ROG motherb...

Can't run Nvme drive as PCIE3 (stuck at PCIE x2)

Hello,I have an X99 Deluxe II and i'm having trouble running my Samsung 960Pro correctly.Specifically, drive is recognized and bootable.. but no matter what i do, Samsung Magician 'recognizes' it as a PCI express 2.0 x4, resulting in a maximum read o...

Aenra by Level 7
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4 PIN RGB header to Add. Header?

Hey everyone I just have a quick question. I’m building a new pc using the ASUS Crosshair hero vi board, and I over looked the fact that it doesn’t have a add. Header so I cant control the RGB lighting of my case fans hooked up to my thermaltake fan ...

Jmccuch by Level 7
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