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Monitor won't wake after sleep

Mobo: Z370E-GamingGPU: Strix 1080Monitor: XG32VQI used to just use a Screen saver, but changed it to sleep after 10 minutes.When I wake from sleep, everything turns on except the monitor. When I check the monitor says No HDMI signal but the PC is awa...

JimmyH by Level 10
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RAMPAGE V 10 & RTX 3090 x4 beeps @boot = FAKE!!

i think i maybe found some mb/gpu combo bug? maybe...i just (approximately 2 weeks ago) installed (swapped out) 2080ti for 3090, and during boot once 3090 is used, i get x4 fast beeps during POST. (yes, my case still has a physical speaker/beeper)my...

Enable raid for installation windows 7 and usb port

I want Enable RAID for installation windows 7 motherboard : ROG STRIX B360-F GAMING bios : Version 2501 time update 2020/12/23 Microsoft Windows 10 ProKingston SSD 240gHDD 2 500g +1000g but how I want Enable RAID GPU :NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10501. i can...

Crosshair VIII Hero SSD Issue

Have the Crosshair VIII Hero and have been running fine for a year. I'm currently running 2 nvme's and I am adding a Crucial MX500 as an additional SSD. When I plug in the SSD to any of the SATA ports I can't boot into the bios or windows. It hang...

CH7 lost PCI-E Bifurcation.

Updated the BIOS to 4007 and installed a 5800X and the settings for PCI-E bifurcation have disappeared.Will this functionality be restored in a future update to prevent my Hyper M.2 x16 from becoming an expensive paperweight?

JeffB63 by Level 7
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help me Asus zenith 2 extreme alpha

I have a motherboard zenith 2 extreme alpha with usb 3.2 Gen 2 connector which is on the board, and i would like to connect the usb c of the front of my BE QUIET Case Dark Base Pro 900 rev. 2 Full Tower, I connected the cable on the motherboard, I pu...

9900k @ 5.1GHZ vs. 5900X for Gaming

Serious question here. I have not found any good comparisons on the internet. I know that the 5900X is all around a better CPU for blended workloads, especially with thermals taken into consideration. I currently have a 9900k running 5.1Ghz day to ...

mdzcpa by Level 12
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