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Aura Creator not able to Save Profiles

Hey, as I started my PC today, Armoury Crate wasn't able to find any of my AuraCreator Profiles. As I tried to save a new Profile, the Software ad a "Service Error". Id told me to restart my system. I did that, and nothing changed. Can anyone help me...

About NVMe

Hello,I am assembling my new PC based on a ROG Maximus XII Formula and the following drives:1 x Samsung MZ-V7S2T0 970 EVO Plus SSD 2 TB, PCIe NVMe M.21 x Samsung MZ-76E2T0 860 EVO SSD 2 TB, SATA III, 2.5"2 x Western Digital WD40EZRX Caviar Green 4TB,...

albix by Level 7
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Z390 Rog Strix E memory compabitility

Hey, can you please advice if this memory will work on my MOBO, cos not listed in ASUS QVL list, but according to crucial it's compatible.MOBO: ASUS Z390-E Rog StrixMemory: Crucial Ballistix 32GB Kit (2 x 16GB) DDR4-3200 Desktop Gaming Memory (BL2K16...

V-444 by Level 7
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Looking for Graphics Card Suggestion

Hey Buddy,I'm new in this group and wanted to build my first gaming PC for gaming and video editing works (I'm thinking to start my own channel).As I'm a student, I'm not able to spend much on PC Parts so I'm confused about which graphics card should...

Original ROG VI E (2017) + Cascade Lake-X + 256GB DDR4

HelloCan anyone confirm whether the original ROG VI E motherboard ( from 2017 with updated bios 2002) can accept/recognise 256GB of DDR4 ram ? Assuming off course that one is running the latest 10th Gen of cpus, for example 10980XE or 10940XThank you

iepapas by Level 7
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GPU upgrade - PSU Query

Hi Guys, have not posted in a while but thought I would throw this out there So just received notification that my TUF Gaming OC 3090 will ariive tomorrow which I am excited about, I initially did a few calculations based on my build but was hoping f...

Stylee by Level 7
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Latencia RAM en Ryzen 5. ¿Es normal esto?

Hola a tod@s, hago una pregunta por si me podéis ayudar. Dispongo de dos módulos de RAM Corsair VENGEARNCE LPX CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 15-17-17-35 1.35V ver 5.32 Como se puede comprobar, la latencia es 15. Mi procesador es Ryzen 5 2600 y mi placa base AS...

Replace CPU Retention Bracket

I’ve misplaced my Asus XI Apex CPU retention bracket and need to get a new one. How would I go about it? Will contacting support get me one or do I have to buy one from a 3rd party?*

Laptop ASUS N55SF shutdowns issue

Hello guys!!I'm having a weird problem with my ASUS N55SF.Always worked well without any problem, but a while ago it started to shutdown randomly as if the board had gone down (no electricity). It doesn't give any message, error, warning, anything......

Asus MAximus Hero XI Wifi power switch does not works.

Hi all, today the power switch of my Maximus XI Hero doest not works. If i try to power on MB from the "Start" button (on the MB) system power on, but if i try to start pressing case button, system does not power on. I test the power switch by screwd...

Willino by Level 7
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