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ROG Strix B650e-e wi fi help

Hi all, I build a new AMD5 setup, this is my first AMD setup and I am having issues with this, since day 1 when I put all parts together I have installed the memory modules in the DIM A1 and B1, when I turned the PC on the motherboard displayed code...

ROG Crosshair x670E memory controller

Looks like the "invisible post" issue has been fixed. Thanks admin.My issue is with the memory controller.I am wondering if anyone here has been able to run 4 sticks (128 GB) at speeds faster than 4800 MHz.If you have been successful, please let us k...

sgunes by Level 8
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Rog strix z790-i gaming wifi

Is it possible to force graphics card to run @ 1 x PCIe 5.0 x16 slot, if both M.2 slots are populated ?Basically I want to know if I can set the m.2 2_2 slot to use the chipset lanes through DMI for storage,and keep m.2 2_1 for my boot disk using 4 c...

Error 55 after 13900k install

I am wondering if anyone experienced a similar issue. I have an error memory issue with 2x 16 DDR5 and Strix z790-E. (A2, B2). The memory works fine when using the B2 alone (either of the sticks). I did the Bios upgrade, including the beta update, an...

karloy by Level 7
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P8Z77-V and 32GB Ram

Hi All,Im quite a NOOB in tweaking, so apologies if my terminology are wrong....I've got a 10 year old PC with a P8Z77-V motherboard (latest BIOS), Intel i7-3770K 3.50Ghz, 2 x 8GB sticks of  GSkill DDR3-1866 RAM (CL10-11-10-30) (F3-1866C-10-8GAB) and...

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New build give me headache

Hello, sorry for my poor english, i speak french. I build a lot of computers since 20 years, im 43 yo. Never had this much trouble with a new build. I just build a 13900ks with a z790-e gaming, 2 pcie 4 ssd, and some 7600mt ram on the QVL list (F5-76...

DanyB by Level 7
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Access ROG Motherboard EUFI Variables from Linux

Hi AllI have a new build based on the Ryzen 9 CPU and the ROG CROSSHAIR X670E EXTREME MoBo. I love it but I want to access things like CPU temp and fan speeds from Linux. Does anyone know how best to do this? I do not see these variables in the efiva...

sbates by Level 7
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ROG RYUJIN II 360 AM5 Support

So how do I obtain a AM5 socket mounting kit for a ROG RYUJIN II 360 AIO?I am assembling parts for a rebuild and am building two systems both AM5. I need a AM5 mounting kit for both my ROG RYUJIN II 360 ARGB EVA EDITION andROG RYUJIN II 360.I don't...