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B650e-f Lengthy POST time with DRAM light coming on

Level 7

Hi all,

I've just installed a B650e-f mb with 7800x3d and 64gb Trident Z5 Neo Expo ram (2x sticks).

For whatever reason I have a long post time, maybe a minute with the orange dram light on before it eventually posts and begins start up. The length of time is consistent each boot. 

I've updated all bios and rivers to the latest revisions and re-seated the ram as well as swap them around in their slots (I'm using A2 and B2) but it made no difference. Expo on or off makes no difference either.

Any ideas?


Level 8

This is considered normal behaviour apparently.

You might like to try tuning on "Memory Context Restore" in the BIOS. 

I've replaced tge board fir a Gigabyte x670, works perfectly now, no silly long boot times.

Because you're on a different platform, X670 and B650 won't share the same MRC parameters or memory topologies.

All you would have needed to do is enable Context Restore once the system had completed POST. This isn't an ASUS feature, it's an AMD feature to bypass more extensive memory training.

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Is that from Asus? Blimey, if so that's poor.