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B550 Ryzen 3700x ECC memory

Level 7
I'm building a new PC, with the following specs:
ASUS Strix B550-E, ASUS Strix 2060 super, Corsair RM650i, Samsung 860 evo 500Gb, AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

Now, I have an issue. The memory. I want to use ECC memory, for my own personal reasons and I would like not to discuss why(let's say occasional use of apps for scientific research, and as such not daily basis), and I do not want to use Threadripper because it has a very high energy consumption compared to Ryzen. At the same time, I cannot buy any Intel Xeon because in Romania, where I live, they are simply not sold to end users, and nobody would even speak to you if you need something like this, besides the fact that the newest ones are not available and also have high TDP.

I have hard times finding an ECC memory. AsRock supports officially ECC memory, but I could not buy AsRock B550 as they simply are not sold in here, and Gigabyte are OOS now, but they actually have a list of tested memories, and one Crucial 2666 Mhz memory which is validated to work with ECC:

Now, I have contacted Asus support by email, my nearest service location, and they replied to me that they don't care about ECC as long as ASUS officially does not support ECC, and they told me to try it myself.
Next, I contacted tech support fot this MB, my nearest service location, and that guy was very aggressive, indifferent and rude and told me he can't help me because the board is new there is no list of tested ECC memory, he does not know when this will be available, and he can't help me.
He said because AMD does not support ECC officially, ASUS does not care supporting this either. I was trying to make him understand that I do not request official support, but something like Gigabyte and AsRock did, testing some of the ECC memories in this board and telling this to the users.
Even for x570-E board, there is only one memory chip which was allegedly tested with ECC, kingston KSM26ED8/16ME.
Trying to reason with him, and ask him pass my request to ASUS global or some of their internal system, that users request something resulted in him dropping the call and I was left with my phone in my hand, looking in disbelief, as I paid 310 euros for a midrange chipset, and support behaves like I'm garbage.

I simply don't get it, for such a brand like ASUS, such behavior, and no way to report this.

for this particular board, how can I test ECC memories, that they actually work, when I will get my hands on one.
Gigabyte, for their 550 AORUS PRO AC which costs 220 euros, list the Crucial CT16G4WFD8266 part number ECC module to be compatible. I will get my hands on one of these when they will be in stock, because there is no stock whatsoever.

Any tips, ideas? Please don't tell me to switch platform or something, this is not the solution I am searching for.