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Aura Sync/RGB advice for a build

Level 7
Hey there!

I am not new to building PCs and I have done a fairly deep build with RGB before staying primarily in the Corsair ecosystem. I wasn't super impressed with it, and also wanted to get a more full sync with the next build (MoBo/GPU/RAM/Fans/Strips) so I kind of decided on going the Aura Sync route. This build is for my partner, and they drove a lot of the part decisions.

So quick details:
CPU: i9-9900K
MB: ROG Maximus XI Formula
RAM: G.Skill Trident Z RGB
GPU: Asus Strix Gaming Advanced 2080 Super
PSU: Asus Thor 850 (If my expectations below are correct) or a Corsair

(They specifically asked for a very odd case, which only has 4 fan mounts, so I am somewhat concerned about cooling but they are not gonna wanna overclock it sounds like, and it will be running an AIO, for reference the crazy case is the AZZA pyramid 804.... it will look really cool potentially?)

Fan/RGB setup:
4 ThermalTake Riing Trio Fans (3 on the AIO RAD, 1 on the other available fan slot)
6 TT LED Strips (run in two sets of 3)
A TT Sync Controller (6 of 9 slots used)

From the specs, the XI Formula has 2 Addressable Aura Sync Headers, the TT Sync Controller is going to need to take up one of those slots. The GPU/RAM are all good on their own, and then I'd like to plug the Asus Thor PSU into the second addressable header.

Actual Question:
My main concern here is number of LEDs to the single header. Power should be provided by the TT Sync Controller so i'd hope that will not be a problem. By my count that will come to 184 addressable RGBs through the TT Sync Controller, will this work with Aura Sync?

If not, is my best bet to instead get two TT Sync Controllers and split the Fans and strips across them? At that point i'd lose the Asus Thor PSU but that isn't a huge loss.

Thanks for your time folks!