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Aura Sync not recognizing Motherboard

Level 7
Hey guys!

I can’t seem to find a good method to make this work, and I can’t post on ASUS forum, because it takes ages until I can finally post after registering.

So I have this brand-new Strix z370-F mobo, and the RGB strip on it is constantly in this rainbow wave color (even when PC is turned off). I have installed Aura Sync and didn’t detect anything at first. Then I checked google, some people said I need to unblock the folder, and I did. Then my Rams (trident z rgb) finally got recognized by Aura Sync, but nothing else. There’s an ADD LED in the software don’t know what that is, but not my motherboard that’s sure.

I can’t even turn it off, and it’s really annoying sometimes. Can anyone help me to solve this issue please? I really hope I don’t need to RMA the mobo.

I've tried this method above, several times but it didn't seem to work. At least I figured how to make the leds turn off when the PC is off as well.

Could anyone help me please? Thanks!

Level 7
Same problem here --- Aura SYNC stopped recognizing the motherboard (Z370-E) I updated to the latest Win 10 build with no issues in Aura then few days passed the software just crashed. Installed the latest light control, yet it failed to recognize my motherboard. *sigh*

All RGB leds light up - the only issue is the software stopped recognizing the mobo (it looks like it has a life of its own lol)

Level 7
same problem here

Same issue for me too...

Level 7
ASUS? I really don't want to not have a motherboard for weeks because I RMA it. These lights really annoy me to be's the only thing in my fully RGB case that I cannot control.