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ASUS Vega 64 STRIX Crashing

Level 7
Hey All, I have Vega 64 Asus Strix (ROG-STRIX-RXVEGA64-O8G-GAMING) and I'm struggling with unstabilized, after 1-2 hours of gaming the computer collapse (shut down) and reboot immediately I can't really get solved this issue no matter what I tried.

my system spec -

z390 designare gigabyte

4x16 ram corsair lpx

i9 9900k

Asus vega 64




corsair commander + 6 fans

Noctua dh CPU cooler

- Mobo Bios latest - F9b (also happened with F7) tried default settings and my Hackintosh version bios, no difference.

- AMD Latest driver 20.5.1 (also happened with the ASUS officially driver from their website and the AMD stable version 20.4.2)

- Windows 10 20H1 version

- Power connected with 2 different cables to PSU

- I set my PSU to a multi-rail mode in iCUE software, also tired with single rail mode, no difference.

- tried 2 sticks of ram, swap them, 1 stick, no difference.

- I did MemTest86, everything fine.

- tried different profiles on ASUS GPU Tweaks, also tried to change the bios from the card dual bios option, no difference.

- tried to update the firmware from ASUS website, no difference.

- tried to update the firmware from , again, no difference.

- temperatures are fine, around 70-80 Celsius

really don't know what to do or try, Asus support told that they can't do anything, and I can send the card to them, but I must to use this card for my working OSX machine, so I want to try to point on the problem.

I want to try to replace the thermal pad and change the thermal paste to try again and check if there are any temp issues, like in this post

please help! 🙂