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ASUS TUF X299 MK2 memory problem

Level 7
Hi folks

Would appreciate some input.

My rig which has been stable and unchanged for some ten months crashed during gaming - I had to set bios defaults to reboot and noticed dimm slot A1 was not registering the ram. I swapped the dimms around and updated the bios but couldn't fault the ram or cpu so did an rma on the mobo.

The retailer reports no fault found and want to return it to me, although I am uncertain what set up they are using to test it.

In the time being I bought a brand new mobo of the exact same model and the rig is running without issue.

I obviously want to avoid building and rebuilding the rig again.

Any ideas? Many thanks.

ASUS Intel Core-X TUF X299 MK2 Extreme
Intel Core i7 7800X, S 2066, Skylake-X
Corsair 32GB Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000MHz RAM/Memory Kit 4x 8GB
BIOS 1503
Win 10 64