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ASUS Strix GL704VM laptop wont boot unless holding FN key while using?

Level 7
First I would like to thank you all for your help in advance.

I had bought an ASUS STRIX GL703VM (Laptop) a bit over two years ago. Recently, I have been having issues booting up.

I left my laptop running about three weeks ago for 30 minutes. Everything seems to have been running fine. I come back and my laptop is off. I attempted to turn it back on but for some reason, it would hit the ROG logo and shut back off. Sometimes it would do it before the ROG logo.

One thing I noticed is that my laptop would turn on by itself after shutting off. It would repeat this process, sometimes until it doesn't turn on even after pressing the power button. I noticed that when I close the monitor and reopen the monitor it would turn on by itself before shutting off.

This is what I attempted to do in order to troubleshoot...

1) Removed battery and trained electricity from laptop

2) Removed both M.2 (Where my OS is installed) and SSHD 1TB

The problem still occurred after. I did determine its a hardware issue and not a software issue...

I noticed that when I hold down my right FN key my laptop boots up normally. I had duct tape over the FN key because this is the only way the laptop will run. If I remove the tape it will shut off. (Sometimes it shuts off even with the tape on it but without the tape, it just won't boot up at all and will keep turning on and off).

What correlation does the right FN key have to the motherboard? This is frustrating and I really do not want to send off my laptop to ASUS.

Thank you. This is the laptop I have specifically