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Asus ryujin ii 360 changing fans

Level 7

I recently purchased the ryujin ii 360 and wanted to know if I can change the fans to lian li sl120 v2 fans? Would I just connect the pump to the included controller and then the lian li fans to the lian li controller? 


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Yes it does, I put all 4 radiator coolers in the ryujin-ii controller and it works fine.

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Level 8

Yes, you can change it, I have the ryujin ii 240 without rgb and I put 2 corsair LL 120 rgb coolers with the corsair rgb controller and the fan cables in the rpm controller on the ryujin ii 240 and they work perfect.

Thanks for the reply! The Lian Li fans are a little special in that you can hook three fans together and you only have a fan power and argb cable. "If you bought atleast 1 single pack the 3 packs come with a special cable that does both" . The 1 fan power and rgb cable will power all three fans. After some research it appears i need to connect the 1 fan power cable to the CPU FAN header and the ARGB to either the lian li controller in the sync port or to a argb header on the mobo. I guess the question is if i plugged the fan power cable "3 fans" into a port on the asus ryujinn controller would that work/besafe ? 

In my case I did a push and pull

Asus Maximus Z690, i7 13700k,  ryujin ii 240




From what I understand, these 3 coolers are connected directly to 1 cable, if so, see if the connector on that cable is compatible with the ryujin controller, if so, you won't have any problems, since the rgb part of the fans you can connect directly to the mobo or Lian Li's rgb controller. always setting up with the pc turned off and observing if there is a perfect fit of the cables in the controllers. Sorry for the writing, I'm from Brazil and using Google translator.

The power cable from the Lian-li is just a normal PWM cable it can goto the Mobo or The lian-Lia controller i was just unsure how the Ryujin Fan header on it's controller  would handle powering 3 fan's from one header. 

Yes it does, I put all 4 radiator coolers in the ryujin-ii controller and it works fine.

what is the rpm of the Lian collers?


Solving, tell me if it worked and how you finished the installation.