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ASUS RYUJIN 360 Fan Issus

Level 7
Hello There,

i bought a Asus RYUGIN 360 Watercooling System, running on my Windows 10 x64 System with a ASUS ROG Maximus XII Hero (Wifi), a ROG STRIX RTX3060 and a Intel i9-10850K with 64GB Ram from Corsair.

I now have the following issues:

1. What Directon should the Fans work to? There is now description in the manual. Actually i have placed the cooler plate on my case and the 3 fans on the cooler plate with wind direction out of the case. Is that right?

2. The Fan is every few minutes running up to 100% even in idle mode in windows without running anything. CPU Temperature is on 37° which seems normal for me. I tried everything - Plugged the cooler on the AIO Pump, the CPU Fan or the CPU Opt-Fan Slot. All the Same. So i bought a switch and now the pump is on the AIO Pump Slot and the 3 Fans are on the switch that is plugged in the CPU Fan. I dont know what to do now... BIOS from Motherboard and Fan are up to date. System has been totaly new installed 2 Times. BIOS rest to default. Run Asus AI Suite several times. No Tweaking or other things are done from me. Any other Ideas what to do?

3. An the Last Question - What is that mini-fan for, that has been with the Cooling System?

Hope someone can help me.

If you need more Questions or Stuff just let me know. If my english is bad - sorry for that!

Thanks for help!

Level 12
Direction of fans is not critical. I run my radiator on the top of the case with fans pointing out to expel the hot air. Other people like to mount their radiator at the front of the case with fans blowing into the case. Either way works.

Plug the RYUJIN pump connector into the AIO Pump header on the motherboard.
Plug the FANS into the fan header wires that come from the RYUJIN cooler.

Install Armory Crate. It includes the software to run the RYJUNI. From Armory Crate under the Device RYUJIN you can control the Radiator Fans and Micro Fan and set customer curves is you would like. The radiator fans are all controlled as ONE speed for all rad fans...they are not controlled separately.

Armory Crate also allows you to control the Display to run logos or temperature and voltage data.

The PUMP is controlled by the Motherboard. It will run at 100% unless you enter the BIOS and activate Q Fan for the AIO header if you want to set a custom pump curve.

CPU and Other CPU fan headers should be set to Ignore in the BIO when nothing is plugged into them.